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If you’re not getting the blowout results you’re looking for, chances are you’re not using the right brush! From size to material and even the angle you hold it at, small details can make a huge impact on the outcome of your hair. To start, decide whether you want a boar bristle or a thermal styling brush. Thermal styling brushes are great when you’re in a hurry or have thin hair and want extra volume, but boar bristles create longer-lasting results, especially for thicker textures, with more shine and a smoother finish.



Small – A small brush is great for taming baby hairs around a face-frame, control and adding curl to short haircuts. 

Medium – A medium round brush is a standard brush great for almost any hair length. It is an easy way to control hair and add curl while smoothing.

Large – Contrary to popular belief, large round brushes don’t always create large curls, they are better to smooth out hair and create a subtle wave.

  • Pro Tip - No matter the size, only work in sections as wide as the diameter of your brush to avoid tangles and loss of control.



Whether thermal or with boar bristle, paddle brushes are great to use before blowouts or to prep hair for ironwork. They allow you to dry hair quickly while stretching out the curl pattern, leading to a smoother rough dry. If you have a hard time getting curls to hold, try using a paddle brush to rough dry your hair and then section and curl – your style will last much longer! 


Small-toothed: Although not technically a “brush,” combs have their place when it comes to blowouts as well. If you do not have a small brush to tame baby hairs or add volume, a small-toothed comb will work just as well!


Wide-toothed: Wide- tooth combs are great in the shower to comb through deep conditioners or get out pesky knots. They can also be used after you blowdry and curl to break up texture, creating an undone look.

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