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All over the world men and women alike are settling into a new season. Welcoming in the summer sun by scheduling salon appointments to modify their style. While some are settling for trims or transformational cuts others are turning their look up a notch with a fresh new shade. Whether asking for balayage, baby-lights, foil-yage or teasylights one thing is for certain – you should be asking your stylist for a bond protector at your next color appointment.

When you get your hair colored, each strand goes through a change – some bigger than others. If the process involves bleach or permanent dye, the formula will penetrate the hair shaft by lifting the cuticle and either depositing or removing color within each strand. Understanding the process and what is actually happening to the hair is the first step toward knowing what your hair needs in order to be healthy.

This season, no matter the tone, lighter and brighter levels are being seen all over – from the catwalk to the sidewalk. To guard your hair against possible damage, be sure you’re asking your stylist to add a bond protector to your service. The Bond Ultim8 from Matrix is the ideal system to preserve the bonds within your hair while achieving the perfect level.

With 3 steps and 8 amazing benefits, Bond Ultim8 helps protect bonds during lightening, maintains expected lift, requires no reformulation or additional time, helps prevent hair breakage and preserves hair fibers, deeply nourishes and promotes healthier looking hair.

Starting by reducing the Alkalinity of hair color formulas during Step 1, Step 2 neutralizes the hair and then Step 3 reinforces connections between weak bonds. *Step 1 and Step 2 take place at the salon while Step 3 takes place at-home with a weekly treatment. 

Bringing the gap between your hair color goals and the health of your hair be sure to discuss the bond protection options you have at your next appointment. Before you leave the salon, you’ll also want to pick up a shampoo and conditioner duo to take care of your freshly colored locks.

For Blondes Looking For A Cool Finish

To counteract unwanted yellow tones, add Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo to your routine.

For Brunettes Looking To Banish Brash

Just like cool blondes, brunettes battle with brassy strands. To oppose orange shades within your lightened locks you’ll want to pick up Total Results Brass Off Shampoo.

For Any Shade

If you don’t need help combating brass but still want to take care of your color, Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo is the way to go. It will cut down on fading while extending vibrancy.

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