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Ashlee Levitch, our fearless leader and President of Bangstyle. When she’s not falling in love with all of your beautiful hair art you can catch her with her handsome beau and her 3 adorable dogs. Get to know more about Ashlee by bonding over beauty! Keep reading to see her top picks, health habits and favorite beauty routines!


Do you have a favorite workout routine or activity?

Yes! I am pretty active, despite my love of chocolate and copious amounts of couch time. I am an Orange Theory girl pushing myself hard a few times a week. Plus having 3 dogs keeps you on your toes… literally!

Favorite athletic brand to wear?

I am not a super chic workout gal. I keep it simple with workout wear from Target. Sneaks from Nike.

On the daily: Sneaks or Stilettos? Both depends on the time of day! I LOVE a good pair of heels at night, but my high-tops are a daily go-to.

Favorite exercise? Swimming. I love being in the water. But not laps, just swimmin’ around.

Least favorite exercise? Rowing, it’s an Orange Theory must and I kinda hate it.

Wearing makeup to the gym/class: Fo sho or hell no.

Uh, I barely wear make-up as it is. So, I am gonna go with “hell no”.

What’s your après workout skin routine? (Face wipes and go, need to wash your skin, Can’t wait to get home and shower, Or must rinse and change before leaving the gym?)

Straight to the shower! A good facial scrub a couple times a week. Loads of moisturizer.

Favorite way to wear your hair when you workout?

Ponytail. I get this sort of halo of curls that won’t stay back. I have quit fighting it. It’s like a bonnet, lol.

Post workout guilty pleasure?

Coffee, can’t do it before. I feel like I am literally running to earn my coffee fix after class!



How often do you wash it?

5 days a week, probably too much.

How do you feel about dry shampoo? (All day every day, once in a blue moon, or when pigs fly?)

Dry what? I have only used it couple of times for volume, which I think is a great trick. But, my curls don’t last days on end without water to refresh.

How often do you cut/color it professionally?

Every 6/7 weeks for color. I cut about every other appointment.

How often do you style it?

A few days a week, the rest of the week I rock a lazy up-do and call it done.

Must-have product?

Label.m Diamond Dust leave-in conditioner. My curls LOVE it.



How often do you wear makeup?

Mascara, everyday. Full make up? Twice a week. I am pretty natural and don’t love to load it on. I think “fresh” looks younger, I’ll take all the help I can get!

What makeup “style” are you? (i.e: Natural, glam)

Natural for sure. I love glam look, but can’t rock it myself. It feels awkward on me, like wearing someone else’s clothes.

What is the most important thing for your makeup/skincare routine?

(i.e: healthy skin, sustainable products?) Moisturizing to work against the clock and the lines that come with it. Healthy diet is a big part of that too. I have made major changes in diet over the last 2 years and see the difference.

How do you pick new products? (Online reviews, a recommendation from sales staff, following bloggers/vloggers, packaging?)

Reviews from friends mostly. I will research the products and am open to trying new things when they really do work. I am tempted by all the FB products of the day, but don’t trust them.

If you could only wear one makeup product a day (ie. Foundation, concealer or lipstick etc) what would it be?

Mascara for sure. Can’t live without it.



How often do you get a manicure?

Every 2 weeks. I am a mani junkie!

What’s your go-to shape?

Square. I like them really straight.

Do you have a favorite color?

I love red on my toes. Fingers I bounce between red and a natural baby pink.

Does the pedi match the mani?

Sometimes. I prefer it too…. Depends what I have going if I am going to rock red nails, my toes are always red.

Nip or push?

Nip! Have to.

Favorite polish brand and why?

I don’t know. There are so many, I am intrigued by the new Vegan/7 Free brands on the market but haven’t tried them all. When I do, I’ll report back!

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