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Ashley with a “Y” Austin, our resident Social Media and Marketing Gal brings a fresh perspective to the Bangstyle team. Always with a smile on her face, we want to know her beauty secrets! We chatted with Ashley about some of her healthiest habits and go-to beauty standards.


Do you have a favorite workout routine or activity?

I like to do a HIIT warm up on the treadmill for 10 minutes and then a HIIT workout for at least 30 minutes

Favorite athletic brand to wear?

It doesn’t make a difference to me

On the daily: Sneaks or Stilettos?

I’d prefer no shoes lol

Favorite exercise?


Least favorite exercise?

Squat jumps

Wearing makeup to the gym/class: Fo sho or hell no.


What’s your après workout skin routine? (Face wipes and go, need to wash your skin, Can’t wait to get home and shower, Or must rinse and change before leaving the gym?)

The first thing on my mind after a workout, is food and then I’ll take a shower.

Favorite way to wear your hair when you workout?

Out of my face

Post workout guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate



How often do you wash it?

Once a week (hopefully)

How do you feel about dry shampoo? (All day every day, once in a blue moon, or when pigs fly?)

When pigs fly

How often do you cut/color it professionally?

I get it professionally cut (trimmed) once a year

How often do you style it?

Every 3 days

Must-have product?

A good curl cream



How often do you wear makeup?

Once or twice a week

What makeup “style” are you? (i.e: Natural, glam)

As natural as possible

What is the most important thing for your makeup/skincare routine? (i.e: healthy skin, sustainable products?)

Healthy skin is the most important thing

How do you pick new products? (Online reviews, recommendation from sales staff, following bloggers/vloggers, packaging?)

Definitely beauty vloggers with similar oily skin as me

If you could only wear one makeup product a day (ie. Foundation, concealer or lipstick etc) what would it be?




How often do you get a manicure?

Once a month

What’s your go-to shape?


Do you have a favorite color?

A deep burgundy

Does the pedi match the mani?

No always

Nip or push?


Favorite polish brand and why?

OPI because it seems to last the longest.

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