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Jessie Gutierrez, our resident Social Media maven and trusted Digital Marketing Gal here at Bangstyle has a penchant for topknots and can throw a killer right hook. Get to know more about this stellar girl and her favorite daily beauty habits!


Do you have a favorite workout routine or activity?

OT and kickboxing

Favorite athletic brand to wear?

Target makes some killer workout pants and tops — at affordable prices! Sports bras - only Victoria’s Secret. Shoes - Asics + Nike

On the daily: Sneaks or Stilettos?

Fuzzy Socks or Flip Flops! But between those options 100% sneaks ….

Favorite exercise?

Focus Mitts. 

Least favorite exercise? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

Wearing makeup to the gym/class: Fo sho or hell no.

Hell No

What’s your après workout skin routine? (Face wipes and go, need to wash your skin, can’t wait to get home and shower, or must rinse and change before leaving the gym?)

Micellar Water for the face and straight home to shower.

Favorite way to wear your hair when you workout?

High pony; depending on what workout I’m doing a bun of sorts to keep it out of my face. 2-3 hair ties for maximum staying power. I hate having to fix it mid-workout.

Post workout guilty pleasure?

Copious amounts of water and my



How often do you wash it?

Shampoo 3x week. Condition whenever I shower.

How do you feel about dry shampoo?(All day every day, once in a blue moon, or when pigs fly?)

Hopelessly devoted.

How often do you cut/color it professionally?

Color every 6-8 weeks depending on my roots and social activities (i.e., will move it up if I have a wedding, etc.). Cut every 4 1/2 months or so months.

How often do you style it?

A blowout/loose curls maybe 1x a week for the weekend. I mainly let it air-dry and pop it in a high pony or messy bun.

Must-have product?

A great purple shampoo + Oil for my ends.



How often do you wear makeup?

When I go out on weekends but it is a lot more minimal than it used to be. I stick to great cc cream for a little color and some highlight for some glow.

What makeup “style” are you? (i.e: Natural, glam)

More on the “natural” side of things unless the event calls for a full-eye.

What is the most important thing for your makeup/skincare routine? (i.e: healthy skin, sustainable products?)

Healthy skin. Eye cream, a great moisturizer, sunscreen and lots of water.

How do you pick new products? (Online reviews, a recommendation from sales staff, following bloggers/vloggers, packaging?)

Friends and a couple of trusted bloggers. Whatever they say is then backed by lots of online review research.

If you could only wear one makeup product a day (ie. Foundation, concealer or lipstick etc) what would it be?

Under-eye brightener.



How often do you get a manicure?

I do my nails regularly but get them done rarely. Usually only book an appointment if I am going for nail art for a specific event - a couple of times a year. I do, however, go for a pedicure once a month.

What’s your go-to shape?

Oval with a bit of an almond edge.

Do you have a favorite color?

Nude for nails. Almost black (charcoal, burgundy or navy) for toes.

Does the pedi match the mani?

Nope. Never.

Nip or push?

Nip and Push.

Favorite polish brand and why?

Essie Gel Couture. It applies great, the brush is amazing and it lasts.

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