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GHD Ambassador Aili Puss created a show-stopping collection using imagination and creativity with household items. Follow along to see the inspiration and tips on how to get the look!

I was inspired by the lovely Sharon Blain for this shoot, which I call INFINITUM. When I met her in Germany Boot camp in Düsseldorf, she brought out a great deal of creativity for me. I had my new educational line and this was created to be the front page of a Braiding Educational course.

I have known my lovely model, Martina, since she was small and I loved her special indie look and natural hair color. For this look I wanted to show different braiding techniques within one look. Therefore, I divided the head in three sections to begin. On the top section I prepped the hair with crimpers and GHD Heat Protect. Then, I did 3 partings and made 3 pony’s to create fishtail braids. 

After, I made very small fishtail ends and teased the braid up to to get a high top part and then clipped it with pins. On the sides I made 3 partings for braids. For the upper and lower section I made a Dutch braid, adding only hair from the upper side. And in a middle section I chose a knotting technique. To get a smoother result, I used GHD Finishing Serum. Now, this is the funny part - what I used for the red sticks! I am a very creative person and I always like to think outside the box. So we colored barbecue sticks for meat with some spray paint and I stuck them through all three braids to make them sit nicely in place. And thats how this look was created on set. 

For even more inspiration, be sure to stalk Aili Puss on Bangstyle!