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There are so many small details that go into weddings, you don’t even realize it until you are a bride. Our best advice is that wedding prep should start the day you start planning. We’ve already gone through The Must-Have Haircare Products To Make Your “Big Day” a Success, so keep reading to see exactly how to get your style. 


Be open to change

While we can all hope that our “perfect day” is, well, perfect, you need to remember that not everything will go as planned. Your bridesmaids will probably be hungover, shoes go missing, and someone is always going to be late. Instead of letting this stress you, add a time buffer to your hair appointment and be ready to hang on for the roller coaster of emotions day that is your wedding.  


Don’t change your cut/color last minute

Weddings can often make you feel like you want to rip your hair out… don't do that. Don’t try and cut your own bangs, finally cave to shaving one side, or decide to go from a level-4 brunette to platinum blonde simply because you think it will go better with your flower arrangement. Slow and slow is the name of the game when it comes to picking a style for your wedding day. 


Visit your stylist often

If you are gradually changing your color or your cut for the big day, make regular appointments with your stylist and talk through your wants, wishes and desired outcome often. Talking through it with them will help you sort out the style you really want. 


Find a stylist that DOES weddings

Yes, you may be besties with your current stylist, but that does NOT mean that they do (or want to do) your wedding. Some stylists are simply more comfortable behind the chair an don’t enjoy creating styles for events. Ask them, and respect their decision.


Have a trial, and then have another

Once you’ve found “the one”, make sure you have multiple trials. If it doesn’t work out, you can find another stylist that better suits your needs. Don’t lock anything in place until you’re completely comfortable.  


Book early

If you’ve started the wedding process you know that venues, bands, planners and photographers book up QUICKLY and far in advance. The same goes for your beauty routine. If stylists also work in the salon, chances are that they have standing appointments and clients they are dedicated to. As soon as you have your date set, you should shop around and get the rest of the details booked ASAP.


Speak your mind

If you don’t like your style, say so. Stylists are not mind readers and appreciate direction. These days, stylists rely on reviews for their livelihood. Instead of being passive aggressive, own your day and your style and tell them exactly what you DO and DON’T want. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it a great deal more. 


Start caring for your hair ASAP

Whether it’s color care or growing out your cut, using quality ingredients now will condition - pun intended - your hair for weeks, months, and even years to come. You might feel as though you can get away using sub-par products, but these can often cause product buildup that you won’t be able to see until you get that balayage you’ve been planning on. For more on this, check out The Must-Have Haircare Products To Make Your “Big Day” a Success.