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As brides continue to push their styles outside of the box, we see a new trend on the horizon. One of the top bridal accessories to embrace this season is the return of hair jewelry.  Sure, the dress, the shoes and the flowers are important, but hair crowns, woven chains and barrettes and embellished bobbies are the way to go! Now, while you’ve probably seen this trend pop up on your newsfeed, finding the right accessory can be daunting in a world full of endless possibilities.

Lucky for you, and thanks to recent brides we know who have done the research for us – we give you a guide to getting the right headpiece for your special day.

Suma Cruz


Starting with the holy grail of headpieces, this amazing designer works with each bride to create a truly one of a kind piece. Specific to you and your big day, this Spanish designer has created some of the most intricate and showstopping pieces we’ve ever laid eyes on. Check out her Instagram @Suma_Cruz_Official and get ready to swoon!

Lelet NY


If you want to add a touch of sparkle or a pronounced crown, Lelet NY is the place to start. With barrettes, bobbies and ornate crowns, any bride is sure to find a match here. They even have beautiful accessories for your ears, hands and wrists too!

Luna Bea


For pieces that spark up interest and take on an artistic edge, Luna Bea is the designer for you. If you’re wearing a dress that has clean lines these pieces will perfectly compliment your vibe. Check out their Instagram for instant inspiration

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