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When we talk about bridal kits we have to consider not just the kit we pack for ourselves as artists...but the one we leave behind for touch-ups as well! Depending on the bridal packages you offer you may be doing a wide variety of hair types and final styles. So how do we pack a travel-friendly kit that has everything we need while making sure our clients have everything they need for touch-ups? Scroll on for our bridal kit essentials X2.

Working Kit

Our working kits are a key component to the results we get on any booking. When working in the bridal world you are moving between multiple clients and typically working on location which means no designated sanitation area. Maximizing the organization of your kit is just as important as whats in the kit itself.


To keep your tools safe and organized look into large mesh zipper pouches and organize by type of tool. Use Barbicide wipes to wipe down tools in between clients. 


Our must-haves are:

  • curling irons with and without clamps of 3-4 sizes to accomplish most curl techniques starting with a pin iron and ending with a 2 inch.
  • a standard smoothing iron as well as a mini for pixies, baby hairs and men’s grooming
  • a travel-sized version of your favorite pro dryer
  • hot rollers for max volume and to appease all generations of clients

Brushes, combs, and clips:

Be prepared to have multiples of each brush, we like to store them in hard plastic containers to avoid ruining the bristles. After each client switch your comb and brush set and keep extra large ziplock bags on hand for used brushes. If that’s not possible make sure you have alcohol spray on hand and clean out all hair after each use. Clients appreciate the extra step!

Our go-to brushes are:

  • Detangling brush 
  • Boar or faux boar bristle brush for dressing hair
  • Round brushes ranging from xs to xl
  • Teasing comb
  • Sectioning combs
  • clips, clips, clips

Bobbies, buns, and the items that set you apart:

So far this all seems pretty standard, right? What really sets apart a bridal artist from an artist who occasionally does bridal are the extras in their kits that go above and beyond. Bobbies in all colors, shapes, and sizes are just the beginning. 

We won’t leave the salon without:

  • Bobbies, hairpins, and rubber bands in all shapes, colors, and sizes organized in a storage bin for easy access.
  • Velcro Rollers, these may not be a kit staple for most but for bridal they are paramount.
  • Hair forms (also known as stuffing or donuts) in various sizes and colors - how many times would this have made an epic difference in your final look
  • A sewing kit with black, brown, and beige thread - for no move hairstyles and securing flowers or heavy accessories
  • A few hair accessories! May sound weird, but investing in a small amount of hair accessories that a bride or bridesmaid may need last minute can increase your service charge and save the day

Touch Up Kit

So you’ve done your best work, place the vail, and its time to pack up and head out. While most bridal artists offer an hourly touch up rate...not all brides find that necessary or have it in their budget. What can we do to ensure their look lasts all night long? Enter the ‘Bridal Touch Up Kit”!

A bridal kit should cover any hair related needs that may come up throughout the event. Depending on your pricing you can choose to charge extra or include the kit in the total cost.

What we recommend:

  • A small reusable tote and a thank you note for having you be a part of their day
  • Travel-sized hair spray for flyaways while dancing the night away
  • A small selection of bobby pins for possible changes after the ceremony
  • Travel-sized tissues, Advil, toothbrush, and Q-tips.
  • For brides to also had their makeup done consider makeup wipes, blotting paper, and a sample lip color or powder puff.
  • In a high-end bridal situation, we would also recommend day after goodies like a travel-sized deep conditioner and a soothing face mask to give your brides an extra special treat.


Written by: Nicoletta