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One of our favorite things about the holidays is the added excuse to wear anything with sequins. From flipping through department store catalogs to billboards, commercials, and TV shows, there seems to be tinsel, twinkle lights and glitter everywhere and we can’t help but want to add extra sparkle to our style!  The best way to do that? Follow these top tips!

Get Some Clarity – As the season’s change, you’ve probably noticed that your hair isn’t styling quite right. The differing weather can cause a dry scalp, dull strands, and frizzy locks. Adding a clarifying shampoo to your routine can help cleanse excess oil and product buildup allowing for products to penetrate easily. 

Our Top Choice: Redken Clean Maniac Clean-Touch Micellar Shampoo

Get Your Hair Glossed – Whether you’re looking forward to an upcoming salon appointment or have yet to make one (ahem, do it NOW) we suggest you book a gloss before the New Year. A glossing treatment is a quick add-on that can work wonders for your hair, no matter if you color your hair or not. Redken Shades EQ has long been a fan favorite in the industry - from a clear gloss to one that adds dimension or takes away brassy tones – adding a gloss to your hair will perfect your shade and add shine to your look.


Add A Braid – You don’t have to be the best at braiding to add a festive flair. A simple side braid or an undone fishtail is a simple way to add interest to any style. After creating your signature look – be it a sleek blowout or beachy waves – section hair and apply Braid Aid 03 and begin your braid. This magical styler adds both smoothness and grip to make braiding and twisting styles easier as it helps them last longer. 

How will you wear your hair this NYE? For even more fashion-forward hair color and style trends be sure to follow @Redken on social media for the latest updates and tag us in your festive looks!