E198b90447613c4b173d brunette hair trends

During the summer months, brown hair tends to fall by the wayside. Women either want to brighten up their strands with blonde highlights or balayage or, they want to try out a bold shade. And while there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with the top trends, you shouldn’t feel pressured to make a drastic color change. Check out four stunning brunette hues that will leave you eager to stay on the dark side.



Chocolate makes everything better, especially when it comes to your hair. Liven up your dark brown shade by adding a blend of milk and dark chocolate hues.  A subtle chocolate balayage will give your strands a fresh, sun-kissed appearance without having to undergo a damaging lightening process.



If you fear going blonde because of the possibility of brassiness or discoloration, stick with a caramel balayage instead. The hint of color adds warmth and dimension to a darker base and is way easier to maintain than traditional blonde highlights.

Rose Brown


Think you can’t experiment with the rose gold trend because you have darker strands? Think again! Rose brown is officially becoming one of the season’s top shades, and it’s no wonder why: The striking color features a subtle hint of blush and rose tones that pop against any brown hue.

Oil Slick


Unlike the rainbow trends of seasons past, this color looks best on a dark base. Inspired by the iridescent hues found in oil puddles, this shade features seamless hints of bold color, from bright blue to yellow to red. The best part? The color will last way longer than any other multicolored dye job. Plus, it requires little to no bleaching, meaning you can test-drive the trend without sacrificing your long and healthy locks.

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