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After WWII, a new rise in subculture was coming out of London, hitting its peak in the 1960s. These groups were made up of mostly rockers and greasers and embodied a vibe that would be constantly changing, but it’s legacy and style is still known today as Cafe Racer culture.

In the 1960s cars made their way into mainstream life. Motorcycles began to see a drop in popularity as mere modes of transportation, as they began to see a rise in admiration as status symbols. Within this shift, the stripped down motorcycle model known as the “Cafe Racer” was coveted – fast and efficient to show off speed, status and a rebellious nature.

The 59 CLUB and Ton-Up Club were two of the most influential motorcycle clubs of this time. While some historians battle about the details: to be a part of the Ton-Up club meant that you would either ride your bike up to 100 MPH (which was no easy feat at this time); that you would complete the London South and North Circuit loop in under an hour, which requires you to ride at an average speed of 100MPH; or that you partook in “Record Racing,” which meant leaving the cafe, completing a set route, and returning before the song from the Jukebox was done. Whichever the triumph, there was one other aspect of being part of this crew that stood out: the style.

Pompadours accompanied patch laden motorcycle jackets while most days were spent being more concerned with aerodynamics and speed than having a perfectly coifed look. Disheveled was sexy as these Ton Up Boys turned their sport into a lifestyle.

While this style tugged along since the 60s it has now become mainstream again as motorcycle cafes, like Deus, bring back the culture, the feel and the look of the era. Looking to embody a similar style? Follow along below to see our top tips!

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