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Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are two unstoppable pop feminist influencers. They are always changing their blonde locks from natural to bold and from short to long. Summer is here and each has embraced their individuality with a short style and bold colour. The colour is heightened by creating a shadowing effect by leaving the natural hair colour on the sides and new growth while brightening the lengths. This creates an 80’s punk vibe with a strong contrast, however these two pop influencers make the look soft and romantic, enhancing their femininity beauty and giving the look a more modern touch. You can recreate this look using four simple steps!

The Steps:

  1. Use the COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY Colour Palette and FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER + CREAM.ACTIVATOR 40 VOL. (12%) and a Precision Colour Brush for application. Start by painting 1 ½ inches of new growth on the top of the head in small, sectional, diagonal slice sections. Work off of a center part and paint from the hair line to the back of the crown. Do not apply any FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER on the sides and leave the natural hair colour. Process and lift to a depth of a 10.
  2. Apply the COLOR.ME FINISHING REGIMEN - Emulsify and rinse colour from hair. Spray STAYLING.ALIVE to balance the pH of the hair, apply RE.STORE, let it sit for 2 minutes, and then rinse. Towel dry and finish with STAYLING.ALIVE.
  3. TONING- Apply equal parts of ICE and NAUTRAL + CREAM.ACTIVATOR 3.5 VOL. (1%) – Develop for 20 mins – Apply the COLOR.ME FINISHING REGIMEN.
  4. Style the hair with soft texture by using EASY.RIDER, an anti-frizz crème with a flexible hold. EASY.RIDER is packed with antioxidants like Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Green Tea) that helps prevent breakage.

Note from COLOR.MASTER Marsha Moran:

Whether we are creating a cool, iridescent violet or smokey blonde using ICE or SILVER TONER or designing a warm, sun kissed golden blonde using .3 GOLD REFLECT when toning, we as hairdressers have the ability to enhance our client’s personality and image through the support of hair colour. When we create healthy, shiny, touchable, blonde hair, we lift up our clients until their next visit which leaves them feeling beyond beautiful in a way they could never expect. Challenge yourself by enhancing all your blondes this summer creating individualised toners to augment their personalities. Have fun enriching your blondes!

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Cover Image: Instagram/@KatyPerry