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Cultivating inclusivity and gender-affirming practices within the hair world should be a best practice on the daily, however, June is the time to STEP IT UP!  Pride Month honors the 1969 Stonewall Uprising and recognizes the impact that LGBTQIA2S+ individuals have had on history.  It’s a time for communities to support and foster community by ensuring all members feel safe, seen, and celebrated. 

Jamie DiGrazia (she/they), Sam Villa Ambassador, Redken Artist, Owner of Logan Parlor Salon @loganparlorhair, and Founder of HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ NFP (HHNG) @hair_has_no_gender, offers inclusive education and LGBTQIA2S+ resources that support everyone’s right to a safe experience.  As a leader of the movement in the professional industry, she provides salons with the following tips for Pride Month.

Ways to Display and Celebrate Pride:

  • Order HHNG inclusive barber pole exterior window cling and gender-inclusive bathroom sign to proudly display year-round.
  • List business on the map as an allied space and share a digital badge of allyship.
  • Answer phones with a celebratory greeting: "Thank you for calling (salon name) where hair has no gender, this is (name) how can we help you?" During Pride Month, add "Happy Pride!"
  • Host a promo on pops of color to encourage people to get a rainbow color panel in their hair and/or on nails.
  • Update social handles, email signature, and website to share pronouns.
  • Update staff name tags to include pronouns, fostering a more inclusive environment.

Educational Workshops/Fundraisers

  • Host a watch party to raise funds and awareness, details here
  • Attend virtual programs with the team:
      • Salon Centric is hosting a free HHNG virtual class on June 12th, see here.
      • Check out the Redken Safe Space modules.
      • View an informative video featuring Sam Villa (he/him) Manda Ziegelman (they/them), Sam Villa Ambassador/ Global Redken Artist @mandaziegelman and others, here.
      • Donate to HHNG here
      • Engage supporters by having them text keyword “HHNG” to 53-555 to donate.

In addition, DiGrazia is launching a fundraiser in collaboration with HHNG salons (98 and counting so far!) and the GenderCool Project for Pride. The GenderCool Project is a non-profit organization that aims to change the misconceptions and negative attitudes surrounding transgender and nonbinary youth.

“We’ve partnered with salons across the country to raise funds, and supporting is really easy.  Salons can either donate directly to the GenderCool Project, ask their customers to donate through signs in their store, or donate a portion of their proceeds for a set time to the organization. Every contribution counts!” explains DiGrazia.

“In the broader scope, this initiative with GenderCool aims to bring our salons together to understand and support the Queer community, while also raising funds and having a blast together,” she adds.

“The concept and idea of salons understanding that hair has no gender is very personal to me because I embrace human beings,” says Villa.  “In today’s world diversity is our strength and inclusivity is our passion.”