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Curls symbolize personal identity, liberation, and self-confidence. In the past curly hair wasn’t always celebrated, but today they are a source of pride! That’s why they speak up, demanding the recognition and prominence they rightfully deserve. In the following series of collections from artists Olga García, Anna Barroca, Salón Gaudí, and XXL, we see amazing inspiration from a range of artists celebrating the beauty of curls.

True beauty lies in diversity, and finally, trends have ceased to be rigid standards that validate only one option, in order to embrace personalization, authenticity, and instinct.

Thanks to this, care routines tailored to the specific characteristics of curly hair are being used, and the range of products on offer is also more comprehensive and effective. The result is sublime curls, with more presence, character and shine than ever before.

Curls that conquer the world, that exude vitality and empowerment. Curls that change from one person to another, from one moment to another, to remind us that there are as many paths as we dare to take.

The Inspiring Collections

YOUTH by OLGA GARCÍA @peluqueriaolgagarcia


Photographer: David Arnal @davidarnalteam


QUEJÍO by ANNA BARROCA @annabarroca


Photographer: David Arnal @davidarnalteam


MA-RI by SALÓN GAUDÍ @salongaudi


Photographer: Alisa Andrei @alisa_andrei


TEXTURE by XXL @xxlhaircreative


Photographer: David Arnal @davidarnalteam