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Spring is usually the time to rid yourself of excess and opt for something new and clean and while Fall usually means snuggling up and ultimately covering up for the cold front. However this season celebs all over the world seem to be hitting the reset button on their style, opting for a buzz cut to start the season off on a fresh foot.

This time around we can thank the girls for starting the buzzy trend, with Kirsten Steward and Cara Delevigne starting the style, Robert Pattinson and Brooklyn Beckham have followed suit. And while these boys – who are known for they’re long locks – have opted for a shorter and in this case more androgynous look we can’t help but swoon over the style.

Have you decided to update your style for fall? Making the cut? Just be sure to have the proper products the complete the look. With a shorter style, you’ll still need control but what is most important now is the finish – it will be what everyone notices.

Matte Effect – Choosing a product that creates a matte finish an add edge and character to any hair color. Using CLAY is the perfect way to control your coif while adding texture and density to your cut.

Shine Central – Have a big night out on the town? Pick up a POMADE. It will add sheen and sparkle to your style without flaking on you.  

For a Natural Feel PASTE is a great way to control your new cut while keeping it natural. Adding moisture to the mix and creating a Satin finish, Paste is the perfect product that looks like its barely there!

Whether your style is sleek and shiny or edgy and undone, 18.21 Man Made has the greatest goodies for the best buzz cuts of all time. For even more inspiration for your style be sure to follow 18.21 Man Made on Bangstyle and see how you can update your style this season.