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Meet the family of four living in a converted school bus helping those in need get one step closer to bettering themselves and their situations.

Kyle, Jasmine, their son Kayson and their dog Kimber have made it their mission to travel the United States helping those in need. Directing their help toward Veterans, the homeless and those with special needs – they give free haircuts, hand out hygienic supplies and offer faith to those that need it most.

Finding your passion often comes with its challenges, but finding their success Kyle and Jasmine realized that they weren’t any happier than when they started out. Which is why they were inspired to start their nonprofit. Be sure to follow their travels on Instagram @the_art.of.now  & @chairtherapy_barber and learn more about this beautiful cause and their story from Kyle and Jasmine themselves.


How it all began

Growing up both Kyle and I were involved in many organizations that specifically worked with the special needs, the homeless, and the veterans. We wanted to get back into helping out but didn’t have time with work and family. We were looking for our next step with life. We took some time to decide what we wanted out of our lives. We wanted to be able to give back to those who have less than us, we wanted to be able to spend time with our family, and we wanted to be able to travel. The idea of free haircuts has been a dream of ours for a while. We just didn’t know how or when. But as time went on more ideas started to come together and we didn’t want to waste any more time. So, we started transitioning our lives to be able to travel the US as a family giving free haircuts and hygiene supplies. As we travel we hope to grow our mission! Our big vision is to do events with haircuts, food, clothing drives, book drives, job drives, services, and more! We even have dreams of a shower trailer.


Where they will be traveling

We have a tentative route, as we go it sort of shifts around a bit. As we travel we connect with organizations and base our route off of cities that need help in the states that we travel too! Once we leave Bozeman we will head to Boise, ID to pick up our Bus/Home. From Boise we will head to Salt Lake City, UT then head to Arizona. After Arizona, we will travel through New Mexico to Texas. Texas to Arkansas, Arkansas to Tennessee. After Tennessee, we will head to West Virginia, then to New York. After New York, we will go to Northern Michigan and from there we will head back to Bozeman.

How does the business work on the road?

My husband is a licensed barber in the State of Montana and has his own business. He meets all of the sanitation rules & regulations. Chair Therapy Barber donates all of his time to The Art of Now for free haircuts. Due to the fact that we only ever spend up to two weeks in one city and the haircuts are free, no extra licensing steps are needed. If we were staying longer or tried to open up a shop we then would have to get a license in that state. 

How can others help?

As we grow our mission we hope to inspire others to get out there and help as well!! They don’t have to specifically volunteer with us, however, during an event, we would need LOTS of volunteers. But always encourage others to volunteer in their community and help those that are struggling around them!! We also hope to educate and give courage to other barbers and stylists around the world to go out into their local communities and serve.

—Kyle & Jasmine