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Wedding, prom and graduation season is nearly here, which means clients will be looking for new creative ways to style their hair. Add an on-trend element to their style with a few accessories this season. Looking for inspiration? Cindy Duplantis, Sam Villa Ambassador, Redken Artist and Celebrity Stylist for Chatters Salon @cindyduplantis, created gorgeous chignon delicately adorned with rose gold pearls — a trend we saw debut with Pinterest Predicts this year. In addition to being one of the it-trends of the season, the beauty of this style is that she used a 19” long strand of pearl beads with attached bobby pin, which can be used in s variety of ways. See the look here and take a peek at some of the top tips below!


Chignon with Pearls

  • Apply Redken Iron Shape 11 for heat protection.
  • Create a horseshoe section at the parietal ridge and clip hair in top section up. 
  • Straighten and smooth hair on the Hot Brush setting of the Sam Villa Pro Results 3-in-1 Blow Dry Hot Brush and secure hair into a ponytail.  Then, twist into a bun and pin.
  • Divide top section into 3 slices and apply Redken Powder Grip 03 to add volume.  Take first section and insert Hot Brush behind hair and back brush the base to create volume and then brush forward to smooth and create a bevel.  Roll and pin to cool/set.  Repeat for other two sections.
  • Take out pins, finger rake section back over top of secured bun and use a small elastic to wrap section around the bun.  Pull out hair to create as much volume as desired and then secure the rest of the ponytail around the bun. 
  • brush sections together with hands and secure into a ponytail above the bun, wrap ends around the bun to create a nice shape, blend and pin.
  • Insert a bobby pin into the end of a Duplantis Hair Official Rose Gold Pearl Spine Pin chain and slide into the top of the bun, place decoratively and secure.


Shop The Look:

Sam Villa Pro Results 3-in-1 Blow Dry Hot Brush

Duplantis Hair Official Rose Gold Pearl Spine Pin

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