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From short lobs to added highlights and extensions plus her cool new nose stud - these are just a few of our fave Chrissy Teigen styles we’ll be copying this year.

Chrissy Teigen; Model, Mother, Master of Twitter, Sass Queen of all the Internet, Home Chef, and Trend-Setter. Chrissy Teigen can do it all and has done it all. She’s one of the most real and authentic celebrities which makes it easy for us to understand why she’s so loved.

The woman is raw and has no shame, which is what makes her totally awesome! She’s always giving the hard, honest, and oftentimes hilarious truth when it comes to motherhood, politics, food, life, and of course, beauty and style.

With tons of friends in the beauty and fashion world, it’s no wonder Chrissy Teigen is always on top of the latest style trends. Here’s a round-up of some of Chrissy’s greatest style moments.

Stunning in Purple

Who else, but Chrissy Teigen, can make going to the liquor store look high fashion? Seriously! Going undercover in a purple wig, tan trench coat, snakeskin gloves, and sand-colored velvet boots is a look that only Teigen can pull off. But, don’t say we haven’t thought about trying!

Classy in Face Crystals

Chrissy has taken icy to a whole new level with her love of face crystals! Sure, they might not be real diamonds and are actually stickers, but she’s given us yet another reason to love her! Adding this fun, the sparkly accessory is the perfect way to add a little fun to any look. If you don’t feel like doing an elaborate style to your hair, but still want to look party-ready, just throw some crystals on. 

Heavenly Highlights

One of Chrissy’s signature looks is gorgeous, caramel highlights. Her highlights are always perfect.y laid, and somehow make you wish you have a nice caramel latte. Luckily for you, getting this look is as easy as ordering a latte at Starbucks. Just ask your stylist for “Chrissy Teigen highlights” and make sure to manage the upkeep of your hair with Redken Color Extend Browlights Shampoo and Conditioner.


 Wavy Bob + A Killer Dress

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Chrissy can relate. She’s proved to us all that just because we don’t have major events to go to these days, doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up to go to your living room. And what pairs perfectly with your feathered dress? A feathered, wavy bob! If you want a perfect wavy bob like Chrissy, we suggest styling your hair with the help of Keune's Style Soft Mousse No 44.

Beach Babe

Chrissy is known for wearing some incredible ensembles, but this fashion-forward swimsuit just might take the cake! On top of having the cutest swimsuit of the year, she’s also showcasing one of the hottest accessories of the year; scrunchies! If you’re not a fan of getting your hair wet, tying your hair up in a cute, silk, or velvet scrunchy is a great way to keep your hair dry, without sacrificing your look!


Written By: Sahara