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There’s no denying how much of a visually based industry we are in. Everything from the way we market ourselves and products, right down to the very core of why clients seek our services is all about image. As a multiple NAHA winner and Artistic Director for Matrix, it’s clear that Chrystofer Benson has a firm handle on all things visual. Even better, is his devotion to ensuring that he does all he can to pass the torch. As a firm believer in helping the younger generations to become better than he is, Chrystofer has created a wonderful educational opportunity in his Visionary Icon workshops.

Partnering up with his longtime friend and collaborator, famed photographer Joseph Cartwright, the two have constructed an all hands on deck experience walking students through the entire process of crafting an editorial collection. As we are rapidly approaching this years NAHAs, there’s no better time to ensure that we are encouraging new blood to really let their creativity soar. Visionary Icon provides stylists with the tools they need to accomplish exactly this.

The previous class held in October of last year, was a wonderful success, breeding a beautiful new collection of images (check out the Contrast Collection here) from all of the extremely talented attendees. As Matrix Educator Lori Pastor put it, “The experience I had at Visionary Icon was priceless. Chrys Benson and his amazing team gave direction and encouragement that set me up for success. The class gave me the knowledge and confidence to create a concept, develop it in the studio, and see it through to publication.”

Whether you are a veteran editorial artist looking to pick up some new tricks or a newbie with even an INKLING of interest in doing any creative work, there are no better people to learn from than Chrystofer and Joseph. The next class is being held April 26-27th in New York City, and will again walk attendees through the entire photoshoot process from concept creation and storyboarding, through selecting a team, photo editing, and getting published. The two have graciously offered a FREE spot in the class for one eager artist. All you have to do is upload an editorial photo of yours into our Visionary Icon Competition for a chance to be the lucky winner. Head over to the contest page to check out the rules.

If you’d like to learn more about the Visionary Icon workshop and what the experience is like, our own Katelyn McGinn stopped by the last class and you can read her report of what it was like learning from Chrystofer Benson. Of course, you can also find all the info you’ll need on the Visionary Icon website, as well as signup for the workshop.