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From sheer (read: naked) dresses to natural-looking makeup and even hair color trends — everyone is looking for ways to enhance their look without completely altering it. A hair gloss here or tinted moisturizer there, this season we’re aiming for flawless yet effortless finishes and the latest manicure trend —Cloud nails —  is serving it up!

The Cloud Nails Trend

This trend is similar to other “My Nails But Better” #MNBB trends we’ve seen this season and echo the sentiment of pairing back your polish choice for minimal statements. This look, in particular, uses a sheer white “cloud-like” color to create a translucent finish. White polish has become a mainstay year-round and is particularly popular during the summer months.

How To Get The Look:

Making sure nails are perfectly prepped helps created the perfect, pillowy, cloud-like finish. Start by shaping, filing and buffing and pushing cuticles to create the foundation. The biggest issue that usually occurs with this color and finish are ridges. So to avoid that, applying a base coat followed by very thin coats of polish. The thin coats are key to avoiding lines in your finished look. To finish, apply a glossy top coat and let set! The look can be achieved with gels or at-home with regular polish – making it an ideal manicure for everyone!

Cloud Nails Inspiration:

Basic plain to a touch of nail art or decoration – we love every iteration of cloud nails!



A post shared by Sarah Alaina (@saruhnails)


A post shared by Sarah Alaina (@saruhnails)