7014f6b133d0f2995048 temperature based hair color

London Fashion week is already overflowing with obscene amounts of beauty and innovation in fashion, but this year there was a whole new reason to be engaged. A new dye debuted and the reverberations of this breakthrough are a concept never before seen. Hair dye that changes colors based on temperature.

While you may be thinking of the subtle change a mood ring makes, the result of this hair dye is actually much more majestic. In the first videos released from creator Laura Bowker with THE UNSEEN, we see a model with mostly dark colored hair and a few peek-a-boo red highlights. As the airflow goes over her strands, the color lightens ferociously to a vibrant red with amber toned ends in the blink of an eye. Once the temperature of the airflow is changed again it goes back to the original color.

The idea is to be able to have your appearance change depending on where you travel. This dye, know as FIRE dye, will range in color from pastel tones to vibrant reds. It was seen at London Fashion week in collaboration with Storm Models. It works through a process of thermoregulation; with its reaction to temperature it is able to change its reflection of light. As a reaction to the world around it, we cannot wait to see this dye hit the market and the strands of Fashionista’s all around us.


Check out the video here to see the transformation in real time. 


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