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When setting out to create a colour line, Kevin Murphy had a few non-negotiable items. He wanted to make sure that the line he created was healthy for your hair and the environment, which is how COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY was born. Made from gentle ingredients that are suitable for all hair types, the range has quickly become a stylist favourite across the continents.

A compact line, it thrives on its flexible ability to mix shades and create truly custom colours. Putting a sense of artistry back into the stylist's hands, this line allows you to create truly unique combinations that can be specialised for each individual client. Just like KEVIN.MURPHY’s range of styling products, they wanted to ensure optimum performance from their formula with the best ingredients possible. “What goes inside the tube is just as important as the colour it creates. The choices we made are PPD free, Ammonia-free and naturally derived ingredients like Aloe Vera, Honey, Shea Butter and Pomegranate,” says Murphy.

The 86 honey-based multi-tonal shades deliver natural looking tones, can create tone-on-tone and grey coverage and based on CREAM.ACTIVATOR used can also achieve up to 3 levels of lift. Carefully hand-selected, each COLOR.ME shade delivers a multi-tonal finish by utilising technology that respects the natural colour pattern of virgin hair, creating a multi-dimensional finish on every hair strand that results in balanced hair with unparalleled shine.

Using their 3-step technology COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY colour will help the stylist achieve perfect results every time.

3 Step Technology:

Molecular Couple Guarantee – This pertains to an exact counting method that is used to guarantee that all colouring molecules form secure bonds when applied to the hair follicle. The reason for this is to ensure fewer skin irritations and/or allergic reactions and less harm to the environment.

Oxidation Delay Function – This helps delay the oxidation process when CREAM.ACTIVATOR is added to the COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY shade, allowing an even and precise application and colour coverage.

Special Micro Pigments – This means that extremely small colour pigments are deposited onto the hair, cutting down on cuticle swelling, allowing colour to penetrate deep into the hair shaft for shinier, healthier looking hair.

An achievement worth celebrating all on its own, COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY is included in PETA’s designation of cruelty-free hair care. Part of its Beauty Without Bunnies program, KEVIN.MURPHY does not test products on animals. Being a part of the worlds largest animal rights organisation, COLOR.ME offers cruelty-free colour to salons and stylists, which reflects the brand’s initiatives to bring awareness to the environment. From being a part of Green Circle Salons to reduce salon waste, partnering with Ecoheads to reduce water consumption and launching their new Ocean Waste Plastic packaging (available starting in 2019) to save over 360 tons of plastic each year – COLOR.ME and KEVIN.MURPHY are delivering unbelievable beauty while caring for the environment.  

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