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Most hairdressers will agree - going to Cosmetology school and getting your license are just the beginning of “beauty school.” While you will learn key foundations, tips for formulation and steps to keep clients safe in a salon setting, what you learn after graduation is sometimes far more valuable. From the cadence of being a salon assistant to dealing with your first box dye colour correction to losing your cutting guideline and cross-checking your work – experience behind the chair opens up an infinite amount of lessons to be learned. This is where continuing education comes in handy.

The importance of continuing education

Once you have a foundation, you can tune into classes that deal with the specific, in-salon questions you may have. Apart from learning the answers, you’ll also pick up expert techniques and insight to questions you may not have thought about. Due to the community environment of continued education, you’re privy to like-minded hairdressers who have similar questions and alternative solutions! Continuing education is also a great way to spark inspiration and challenge your creativity. All too often we can get stuck in the same salon routine and forget to try out new techniques. A single tip or some words of wisdom from an educator you look up to can be just what you need to reinvigorate your passions and grow your career.

Expert knowledge 

Whether you already follow your favourite educator or are looking for new inspiration, continuing education is a great way to learn more about a brand and expert techniques from someone who’s been there! If you’re new to a colour or style line or want to know more before switching, taking a class from a brand educator is a great way to deep dive into the possibilities before making a commitment. Apart from brand-specific content, you’ll also learn a great deal about specialising and how to grow your own portfolio - whether it is in-salon or session work. 

Online resources available now!

During these times of uncertainty, KEVIN.MURPHY aims to be a resource for salons and stylists. With the development of the new KM.TV, we are creating an opportunity to tune into live digital education from the comfort of your home. From learning quick and easy styles to recreate at home, to exploring colour education, social media tactics, and how to rebuild your business once salons reopen - get to know your favourite educators or meet a few new ones! 

KM.TV is available live on the Love Kevin Murphy Facebook page and once episodes air, they will also be shared on Facebook and IGTV so you can rewatch your favourite sessions. 

Check out the latest schedule and tune in to KM.TV: https://www.facebook.com/LoveKEVINMURPHY

While we understand that navigating these times are difficult, we hope to offer you the tools to educate, inspire and connect you to the community, even if from afar.