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I still get excited every time I see a Kaboodle or a Lisa Frank binder; it gives me fond memories of getting organized for a new season in school. Going back-to-school was always the exciting part of the new year, it meant new clothes, accessories and meeting new people. Of course, as the school year went on, hairstyles and clothes choices got lazier and lazier, but starting off strong gives your style a fighting chance for the arduous year ahead. From highlighters to scented markers, color has always proven to be an important part of the process. Whether you’re heading back to school or your full-time job, Crayola has nothing on these hair color ideas for back-to-school!

Pastel Roots

We love the sweetness the pastel trend has brought to hair color trends. Our favorite way to wear it this fall? Start at the roots, ask your stylist to add a splash of color to your roots for a fresh start!


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Toned-Down Violet

Ultra violet may be the Pantone color of the year, but we love the toned-down version of this shade. Whether adding a few pops or an all over shade, this shade can compliment any skin tone! Check out this rendition by Redken Ambassador Ryan Pearl!


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We’re Blushing!

Has the summer sun left your blond tips a little lifeless? Instead of touching them up with your usual tone, put a slight splash of pink in the mix! Nikki Lee is giving us all the #hairgoals with her blush waves.

Warm & Cozy

As the temperatures begin to drop, you’ll probably secretly be craving the heat once again. Unless you’re chasing the summer around the world, you’ll want to warm up your shade to make up for the weather. With burnt orange and rose gold undertones these golden tresses will give you all the inspiration you need!


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