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Learning how to yield your trusty curling iron is no easy feat but what’s more, is learning how to curl with a round brush. It can save you time (making you money) in the salon and help achieve a long-lasting style. By blow drying a curl into the hair you increase the longevity of your client’s style.

In order to create a stellar look, we chatted with Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa about the best technique to use to achieve this and the best tools to get the job done. “Achieving beautifully shaped shiny curls can absolutely be achieved with just a brush and a blow dryer, the secret is in using a small thermal brush and an “ends first” technique,” says Carruthers.

How To Pick A Brush

  • A common misconception when picking a brush is to pick a larger brush to create larger waves, however, the opposite is true. Use smaller brushes to craft a nice curl pattern; larger brushes are better for smoothing and straightening, while smaller brushes create more definition and shape.
  • The type of brush used is also important! A combination of a small brush with boar bristles and a thermal core is magic because the boar bristles create shine while the thermal core heats to shape.  The Sam Villa Artist Series Spiral Thermal Brush even has a spiral pattern that creates tension and works hair closer to the core for more heat action.


Breaking Down The Technique

  • How many of you start at the base of the head when beginning your blow dry? If you want to add curl, you’ll want to rethink your process. When drying, instead of starting at the base and working out to the ends, which requires stretching the base and mid-shaft after they’ve been curled, minimizing the curl action, dry the ends first.  After ends are dry and curled, move to the mid-shaft, while it is being styled the ends are naturally wrapping around the brush, so when they cool, they lock in the texture pattern creating a better curl.  The same happens when the base is being dried, then both the mid-shaft and ends are wrapping while they cool to lock in shape.
  • Be sure to use vertical sections so the curls have their own space to move.  If you use horizontal sections, it creates layer upon layer of curl, which condenses the pattern and increases density.
  • Once cool, separate curls gently with Redken Dry Shampoo Paste 05, it’s half dry shampoo and half paste, so it separates like a paste and leaves a matte finish like a dry shampoo.


By using a blow dryer and brush, the type of curl you create is more natural and has unbelievable bounce. We love the Sam Villa Artist Series Spiral Thermal Brushes to create the look “Blow drying can create some really beautiful texture when you use a brush that has a thermal core with boar bristles, the combination is pretty hard to beat when you’re going for polish and shape,” adds Carruthers.

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