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When it comes to adding volume and creating movement, it isn’t only about the style you need to pay attention to the shape of the cut and texturization techniques as well. The easiest way to add more volume for clients is by creating it through cutting. One of the things that make hybrid cuts so attractive is all the body at the crown.  Pretty much any cut benefits from movement and a little bump at the top.  Jorge Perez, Sam Villa Ambassador @jorgedoeshair, has a technique that’s bold, but it works, and it spices things up for guests.  


Create Volume at the Crown:

  1. Create a square section at the crown.
  2. Comb hair up vertically and then tease the entire section until there is a nice fluffy mass at the base.
  3. Continue to hold the ends of the section and then make a horizontal cut right across the entire section with a Sam Villa Signature Series Dry Cutting Shear 7”.
  4. Comb through the section and release – the heaviness is diminished, and volume explodes.


“It’s fun to see guests’ faces when you make that cut, it’s dramatic, but you’ll see when you gather the section again and comb it out that you can barely see where the cutting line was.  It’s a great way to remove weight, add lift…and get a little rise out of your guests,” explains Perez.

The technique works because shorter hair directs longer hair, and because shorter hair is stronger than the longer pieces, they push the longer pieces up to maintain volume.

The same effect can also be created with a blending shear.  After steps 1 and 2, insert the blending shear into hair - close, open, move up, close, open, move up the length of the hair.  If hair is continually cut in the same place, it creates dents that can contribute to breakage, so make sure to vary the cutting line.

“If you teach your guests how to sustain the volume you created with styling, they’ll always come back, because they’ll appreciate that you took the time to make sure their hair looks good between salon visits as well!” adds Perez.

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