45759dcb6f9dfce48227 creative updo tutorial

The best part about creating updos is the amount of creativity and freedom you can pour into a piece. With no rules and no real risk of permanent change, you can have fun without worrying about the outcome. In this tutorial, Redken Artist Pam Genio Bates created a stunning upstyle with a few hairpieces and key products. Take a peek below at how she crafted the look.

Step 1: Take a weft of hair 4"-8" in width (any length) and spray with a dry texturizing spray, such as Redken Windblown 05, to create grip. 
Step 2: Tease the weft tightly to create a fairly compacted shape. 
Step 3: Apply product with high hold and control. I love Redken Hot Sets 22
Step 4: Using a flat iron, flatten your weft out. Using a tapping motion rather than a sweeping motion works best. 
Step 5: Repeat with different sizes and lengths of wefts to create multiple pieces.   

For this look, I styled a double-stacked bun. Depending on your style, you’ll want to create the appropriate base for your desired shape.
Step 1: Gather hair into a high ponytail. 
Step 2: Using two different sizes of hair donuts, create a stacked shape by wrapping half the ponytail around each donut. 

Have fun with the finishing and pin the pieces to the base using your creative eye! Be sure to spritz Redken Control Addict 28 to seal in your style.

For even more inspiration, be sure to stalk Pam Genio-Bates on Bangstyle and check out all of our tutorials, here!