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Eyliana Gibson (aka @CurlyGirlOnTheRoad) is a hairdresser, an educator, and a beautiful soul, if you’ve ever met her you know about the energy and passion she radiates. She shares with us everything from her hair art to her deepest feelings about life and how to navigate its tricky slope. Below she details rituals she learned from a hair shaman and how to incorporate those teachings into your own life. The experience for her brought on an array of healing “and with each breath, light began to chase shadow,” she so eloquently said. Keep reading to learn how to tap into your life (and chakras), you are sure to learn something new about yourself.

For starters, I have no idea what I'm getting into. All I know is this...I am a hair healer and have been since day one of beauty school. My first instructor opened class with this tasty food for thought: Hairdressers are the only people who place their hands on others, aside from the medical community. I include massage and bodywork in the medical but I know there is a gray area and leave it to the readers choice. 


Think about that for a second. Who else is privileged to share intimate contact and conversation with someone? Who else (even on the first visit) places their hands on your head – the crown chakra – and proceeds to work miracles? Our clients return habitually and loyally so we must be doing something right  (considering the size of the home hair care aisle in most box stores), we are lucky to have such blessed loyalty to our offerings of beauty ritual. 

As I near the 15-year mark in my career behind the chair and educating for a major brand, I find myself searching for more purpose professionally. I have always offered "hairapy " and refer to my appointments as such. The time spent in my chair is a clients respite from the busy day, energy suckers, and chaos of life and I honor that with quality, consistent service and an intentional presence. I show up for them as much as I'm showing up for myself. I listen. I am patient. I do not offer judgment or encourage negative self-talk. I do not bullshit. My clients recommend me to others based on the scalp massage I give...and I'm hoping the haircuts too!! 

Point being, it's the intention I am putting into the service. As I continue to do the work myself, I find it impossible to NOT share these gifts I have been given. The year ahead holds many as yet unopened doors but this fine November day I am taking a look behind this shiny door. 

I'm here at Framed Salon in Santa Monica, CA, sanctuary, salon, and home of hair shaman Andi Scarborough. I was introduced to this spectacular soul during our time with L’oreal education and had been following her story over the past year as she openly began singing about this idea of hair therapy. Through CrownWorks and her vibrant social media page, she has raised an awareness of intentional, loving, vibrational hairdressing and the salon is hosting it's first ever CrownWorks Conversation & Workshop. I was invited to join this sacred circle of healers and it is in gratitude I sit here today, a blank page to be filled. 

A Crown Work's Clear Quartz Crystal Comb (Instagram/@theearthsgems)


After introductions, we started the conversation with a lively game of 'guess the archetype' and immediately the group was bonded. The sharing of ideas and emotions was free-flowing, encouraged by our hostess and each other. No stone left unturned, we spoke about incorporating beauty rituals into the daily craft of hairdressing, using our untapped potential behind the chair to relieve the burden from ourselves and allow our clients access points to their own healing. 

Using a variety of tools such as CrownWorks crystal combs, tuning forks and a host of "employees" as Scarborough calls her collection of stones and crystals, she provides in-salon private sessions for clients seeking a path home. I was blessed to receive her gifts and an energy clearing haircut after the workshop and met personally with my own wounded healer.


It's an experience personal to each client in the chair, but as Andi unpacked her vintage doctor's satchel, I found myself drawn to very specific items. Each was marvelously the very thing I needed. As I sat quietly in the chair, eyes closed, I could feel her hands on my head, shoulders, and neck, moving gently but efficiently. We talked quietly of many things, and with each breath, light began to chase shadow. As the tuning fork vibrations faded, I knew something was shifting inside me. The cords had been cut and I possessed the medicine to heal myself. 

By providing a sacred space for healing, restoration and growth, Andi gives us permission to ask for what we need, to find another path home. The game is not to reside in the center of enlightenment, but to find as many paths out and back again. Honor the space between where you are and where you want to be, find the bliss within the friction points...


Transformation begins within each individual and is available every day. Tapping into your access points, finding rituals for dropping in and grounding, and taking time for daily written visualization are simple ways to begin.

The CrownWorks Conversation Free Form Writing ritual acts as a brain dump, an emotional purge and a means of energetic clearing. It can eliminate mental chatter, bring clarity and increase presence. 

●Set timer for 5-10 minutes 

●Create a safe, sacred space. Put on music or practice in silence. Light a candle or some incense, utilize blue and green stones if you choose, or simply place your hands on your throat or heart chakras to activate them. Tell yourself it is safe to express whatever needs to come out. 

●Write anything that comes forward. Don't worry about spelling or legibility, just flow. Don't filter.

Often you will feel an energetic shift when the release completes. I challenge you to stop RIGHT NOW and write down 5-8 things that pop into your head!! Start with the words I AM...Now pick the top three. Is there a theme or similarity? Is the language empowering or disempowering? Presence and awareness of where you are will shine light on the shadows. Meditate on the areas you seek clarity and guidance in...and trust the answers you receive. 

So, you may be wondering about the first time L.A. changed my life. It was at gunpoint. I was robbed by a group from South Central during initiation. They did not hurt me physically, only took material possessions and my sense of safety and security. Despite the traumatic experience, I discovered my passion for hairdressing there and never looked back. 

The City of Angels holds space for me and I am grateful for her. 

Stay tuned for more of the CrownWorks Conversation with Andi Scarborough and keep an eye out for us this summer at Spirit Weavers 2018 in Medford, OR. 

Follow Andi @crown_works and check out the website for more info. 

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