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Imagine it. You. Waking up each morning, refreshed, focused and ready to begin a new day with restored energy. Your creative mind excited by possibility and information, you embark. The world is yours…

Now, let’s do something to make that happen! Resolutions and all the goals we set for a new year seem to get lost right around March? If you take notice, you’ll realize you do this because it feels like a lot of pressure. What if we could have more fun and make some big changes happen by simply shifting our perspective on three key things? New year, new you….no need. You’re perfect now but who’s up for a personal challenge? 


Challenge One: Know Thyself. 

No, seriously. Habits are unconscious. They are usually routine acts or actions that a person has settled into. Rituals are typically ceremonial acts or actions chosen for a specific purpose and are carried out in a particular order. 

What are your habits? What are your rituals? 

How can you create more habituals? Making rituals habits and incorporating those elements is a great way to bring bliss into our daily life. The intention is a powerful tool and to really set your self up for success, it’s important to literally know everything. No guesswork. 

How do you know what you need? 

Take a full day off. Sit with yourself, write about you and really let it out. This is just for you. So, figure out what makes you, you? 

Think about your favorite foods. The best day you’ve had so far. Dogs or cats? What do you love, what do you not love? How do you feel happy? What makes you feel sad? 

Once you’ve done this, you should assess. Then begin to manage and eliminate things you don’t love. (Channel your inner Marie Kondo). This can be tough, no one likes to get rid of precious things, especially the intangible. However, whatever you let go of will create the space for the second challenge.

As I have worked through my own processes, the greatest gift has come in letting go of what does not serve to make way for opportunities that do. By digging into those spaces of discomfort and seeing the amount of energy it takes to cling when release feels too scary, you can soften and surrender with grace. 

When you can’t see around the corner, slow down. Not all mountains are to be climbed in one day. 

Next, create space for daily check-ins with yourself.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. 3 weeks. 5 minutes a day. Write, breath, meditate, sit in silence, pray. Do you. 


Challenge Two: Physical Stimulation. 

Move that booty! With the space and time created, fill a portion with a new form of movement for your body. Get out of the gym, off the yoga mat at least one day a week and climb, jump rope, hula hoop, box, swim, tap dance, whatever. It’s your ship. What feels good? Commit 3 months to a once weekly session of movement that isn’t for weight management, stress relief, or peace of mind. Once a week. 3 months. (About 15 days….. you got this)  

Do it for fun. 

Need inspiration? Here are a few of my faves. 

This year, I am signed up for Pilates and really looking forward to a learning something new! First class is next week and I will be back next month with an update for you all!  Now that you’re energized and having some fun, let’s round this party out with the final challenge.

Challenge Three: Education

Simple...import versus export. With space in your mind free of distractions and simplified to suit your needs, fill another portion with new information. Take a class. Save your money, spend it on quality education. It will pay you back in dividends not always visible on the surface. Make sure it is a class you are really feeling…check out these aahhhmazing offerings and commit to reinvesting in yourself and your business. 

This year, I am attending a 2-day workshop with @limitlesshairdresser as well as a 2-day color intensive with @roxiejanehunt. The focus for 2019 is grounding and expansion so what better way to get rooted than returning to basics. Kelli shares super potent info about business and her programs focus on the whole picture, not simply behind the chair. 

Roxie is a master creative colorist from Seattle and inspiring hair artists to come out of the closet and hand paint intuitive hair color masterpieces. She works with primary pigments to mix unlimited possibilities and techniques that allow hairstylists to create fine art on their canvas. 

These courses are for my professional and personal development, which is new for me…much of my previous extended education was focused on technical information to use in my own classes. I am truly looking forward to my education this year because I haven’t taken a class just for fun in a while! 

As a professional in an ever-evolving industry, it is the most important thing we can give ourselves beyond the gift of self-care. When we cease to learn new things, we wither on the vine. 

Cheers to 2019! 


Eyliana aka @apothocurly 

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