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All curling irons are not created equal, and sometimes deciphering which tool is the best to achieve your desired style can be difficult. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here, a guide to the top tools for the job.

If you want loose, big curls…reach for a large-barrel curling iron (1-2 inches). Ideal for medium to long hair lengths, this iron will smooth hair as it adds volume and creates soft, voluminous curls.

Want natural-looking beach waves? Grab a spiral curling iron. Using 1-inch sections, place hair flat in between each section of the rod and hold.

For more effortless-looking, "It-Girl" waves…..get your hands on a non-tapered curling wand. Wrap 1-inch sections around the wand, leaving the ends out. This keeps your ends straight and gives your waves that modern look. (Bonus: It saves your ends from any heat styling!) If you're looking for an easier way to make waves, try a wave iron, like this one!

When going for retro, Old Hollywood bombshell curls, use a Marcel curling iron. This oldie-but-goodie iron has been around since 1875, and is preferred by professionals for its long-lasting results. The difference between this iron and regular curling irons is that it is not spring-loaded, and stylists must use an opening-and-closing “clicking” method to hold the hair in place.

Need a new curling iron? Check out all the great options in the Bangstyle store and stay tuned for more tips and tutorials!

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