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Editorial artist Carina Tafulu always keeps us guessing. From her “Pins” Collection to her newest collection choc full of gorgeous curls! We asked Carina to tell us the inspiration behind the collection and why she knew Hair Art was the path for her, here’s what she had to say….

Why do you things curls are such a huge trend right now? Do you think the trend will last?

I love curls ! Curls are so popular right now and everyone is either embracing their waves and curls or they are creating them with tools. Tools for curls have become more consumer friendly and easy to use. Will the trend last? I think it will at least I hope it will!

What was different about this shoot than others?

This shoot was different because the photographer had a vision of nature and models. We wanted something earthy and fun and we gathered a ton of flowers and leaves and misc and threw it together and it turned out amazing.

What are your go-to products? What looks are they best for? And what is the product you can’t live without?

In my hair case I always have to have heat protectant, texture spray, hairspray and a good pomade. Hairspray is always a must and can help in so many ways from fly always to a sleek ponytail. I can't live without my shine mist from jbeverlyhills. It's amazing and adds so much shine without weighing the hair down.

What are you most passionate about? Cutting, color, styling? What about it do you love?

I love styling hair. I love being on set with a creative team and creating hair Magic. When I'm not on set I'm teaching at Advance Beauty College in Laguna Hills. I'm so passionate about teaching my students how to cut, color and style hair. It's so rewarding. I have even brought them on set with me to inspire them that hair doesn't stop in the salon.

What is a secret you thought you’d never tell?

Secrets are meant to stay secrets!

Who is your dream model and how would you style their hair?

Any model with good hair. I can't tell you how many times I've been on set and a model comes with burnt ends and dirty/greasy hair. Definitely a challenge. With a model with good hair the options are endless. 

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me. My students, fashion, colors, photography.

When was the moment you knew styling has was the career for you? What other careers did you entertain?

Before I did hair I thought for sure I would be working with animals. I love working with parrots. I started playing with hair at a young age and styling my friends and family. I had an aunt that was an amazing hairdresser and she showed me a few tricks and I fell in love. I've been licensed for 14 years now and I can't imagine not doing hair. Before I became a hairstylist I worked at a hotel in resort activities.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to push myself harder and do the things I wanted to but didn't have the courage to. I always felt that I was never good enough and that I could never end up in a magazine. I finally did start pushing myself years later and I did get published multiple times and signed with an agency. The last three years have been an amazing ride and I'm so grateful for the amazing opportunities I have had and the people I have met.


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