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You love your curls, but don’t necessarily want to “deal” with your hair down everyday right? Am I really supposed to get up at 4 am to give enough time to shower and air dry my hair??? I just can’t emotionally handle 45 min with a diffuser everyday. So what if I wear my hair wrapped up in a bun 4 of 5 work-days. Sound familiar? That won’t permanently damage my curls... will it?!

Sorry to say, but yes, your lifestyle could actually be ruining your beautiful curls. So many of us with a mane of spirals wear it pulled back, in a pony tail, or even a bun more days in the week than not. Unfortunately, you are training your hair (or really the cuticle in your hair) to flatten out. What does that mean for you? It’s essentially flattening the top, where most of us want volume, making your hair behave more like a bell than a mane.

Hair by Sascha Breuer on Bangstyle



What can you do to fix it? Heaps! Consider a few things…. If you wear it up all the time, do you really want it long? Maybe it’s time to take off some length or try a new style. A deep conditioning mask will help breath new life back into tired curls. So can the right daily oil. Consider the brand and products you use too (hint hint...the brands on Bangstyle are a great place to start). Try reaching for a brand that has products specifically designed for curls.



If you fight with an uneven curl pattern, try twisting wet curls to create a more even curl pattern as it dries. I don’t know about you, but my curls are much more uniform and springing when I blow dry using a diffuser. And they are ALWAYS happier after a trim. Loose the dead weight and get a fresh start giving them that happy curly bounce back.

Hair by Peachy Stylist on Bangstyle



Curls are in….everyone wants them and only the select bunch of us have them. So let them down to bounce free and give those around you a good dose of curl envy!