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The embrace of curly hair is kinda the best thing that has ever happened. Curls have personality, they are flirty and feminine, but can half a mind of their own.  From frizz to uneven curl patterns, it can be a pain to get them in check. Luckily, your spiral tresses are hotter than ever and with the right products, you can keep them healthy, happy and in place!

Great Curls Start in the Shower

Curly hair needs a little extra help when it comes to nutrients and moisture – the products you use matter. By nature, textured hair tends to be dryer and needs more conditioning than its straight counterparts. Selecting a daily regimen like Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner will deliver concentrated hydration therapy from roots to ends. Giving strands the nutrients it needs to rejuvenate dry, flat curls. Need a little extra volume?  Give fine strands a boost with Amp Up, power packed with fruit extracts, this Shampoo/Conditioner combo will give curls their bounce back.


Now that your curls are well nourished and living their best life, styling them with the right tools will ensure they keep their shape.

Let’s get styling!

When it comes to styling curly hair, less is more. Curls frizz from too much activity, or as they see it… distress. Keeping your boucles uniform and in place is as easy as scrunch and go. The big question is what kind of style are you going for? Looking for a natural, loose looking curl? A little Boho glam? Then you need to reach for Curl Cream, it will activate and magnify lifeless curls. Curl Cream creates a humidity barrier keeping curls frizz-free. Just what every curly girl needs!

Looking to add a little hold? Scrunch in a drop of Styling Gel for a little extra help keeping the end of your curls together.  Have thicker, coarse curls but don’t want the crunch? Opt for Definition Cream; it will give you lasting, pliable hold while looking natural and light.
When looking to give a little more bounce, add a good size (just larger than a golf ball) amount of Styling Whip to your hands, work in, scrunch into towel-dried hair and diffuse. Diffusing product into hair will give you a major bump in volume. Want to double down on volume? Flip your head over and diffuse upside down. Then watch out BIG Hair here you come!


Enjoy your curls… they are a thing of envy! Just reach for the right products to keep your style, and sanity in place!