1926165f9fe9e2223529 shave less this summer

While Winter seems to drag on, Summer always feels like one of the most fleeting seasons. By the time June gloom passes we are a hop skip and a jump away from Labor Day, which means every moment counts. Summer weather also entails summer style; jean cutoffs, lace up sandals and floral dresses to accompany. This season, spend less time primping and more time in the sun – learn how to cut down on your summer beauty routine with this simple step.

Shave less!

When you think about how much time you spend worrying about your leg hair, shaving, dealing with ingrown hairs and unsightly growth, it really adds up.

At this point you might be wondering what you can do about it and the solution is simple. Start using Keramene Body Hair Minimizer now! Unlike laser treatments you don’t need to worry about sun exposure so you can use this product anytime you like. After a few short weeks of use, you’ll notice your legs (or anywhere you apply) are softer, smoother and don’t need to be shaved as often.

How does it work?

Science! A specialty product created for your body, Keramene works by slowing hair growth and helping individual hairs stay in the Catagen (resting phase) for longer.


This formula is housed in a body lotion, which also hydrates your skin as it slows hair growth. Start out applying two times a day and once you notice the affects, once a day for upkeep.

Spend your summer in the sun, not in the shower! For more information about Keramene and where to buy, stalk DS Laboratories on Bangstyle and follow them @DSLabsGlobal on Instagram!