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As clients come in looking for a new style this season, it might be time to graduate them to a new look (pun intended)! Graduation is a great way to add interest to any haircut, especially shorter styles because the variance in weight can be used to create cool shapes and accents. From updating a pixie to giving a shag a specific spot of interest, graduation can be used in all lengths. “Graduation can be worked into longer cuts too, the results are just a bit more diffused,” says Carruthers.​ 

Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa, says there are 5 things to think about in order to execute graduation correctly.

5 Tips for Getting Graduation Right

1.     Work with the head-shape! Create cutting lines that curve with the natural head shape for a softer more balanced effect versus straight hard lines.

2.     Use a higher elevation and finger angle/cutting line to develop a leaner graduation that works well for super short haircuts.

3.     Choose a lower elevation to maintain more weight.

4.     Take more vertical sections for lean graduation, horizontal sections for low and heavy graduation, or diagonal sections when attempting to build weight in a certain direction.

5.     Razors and graduation play well together because razors create a more lived-in edge and it's easier to create a curved cutting line.

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