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Thinning scissors are an essential part of any stylist’s kit.  Whether you specialize in cutting or coloring, or only style – a quality pair of thinning scissors to accompany your scissors will elevate your abilities as a hairdresser. 

As a cutter, you know that texturizing can take a cut from normal to extraordinary. You are able to blend heavy weight lines, add movement and direct hair. Thinning scissors shouldn’t just be thought of as a tool to get rid of thick hair, although they can help with this too. They are instrumental in men’s grooming to create styles that are easy to keep up, have volume, and style effortlessly. A quality pair of thinning scissors also means that it will easily glide through your client’s hair and shape the cut accurately, without bending the hair.

As a colorist, you might think your cutting days are over, but guess again. Every once in a while you may notice that your client’s ends are looking dry and brittle and they are in need of a trim, yet they don’t want to make the cut yet. Offer to tip out their ends a bit, using a thinning shear. You do not need to change the shape or lines of their cut, simply thin out their ends, taking out some of their damaged pieces. It is sure to make your color look healthier and shinier without a full cut.

Is styling your specialty? You put down the scissors year’s ago to concentrate on perfecting the finished product, yet every once in a while you give a cut or color to that special someone. On the daily keeping a thinning shear in your kit is the perfect tool to fix damaged ends or blend extensions in a pinch. Thinning ends that are heavy or extremely damaged will enhance your overall style, leading to happier clients in the long run.

Whether you cut, color, style, or all three, having quality thinning scissors on hand is key. Daniel Roldan’s CUT Thinning Shear is forged from Premium Japanese stainless steel with triple hand honed blades; the sharper the steel, the more precise the cut. CUT Thinning scissors also have a convex edge that will create a softness in all of your cuts, leading to styles that grow out in better fashion.



For more information about CUT and the beautiful styles you can create, be sure to stalk Daniel Roldan on Bangstyle and check out the article tab on his page for his latest cutting and styling tutorials.