D671191e7781417ec96a cvs beauty mark

Photoshop – there is a time and place for it. Like if you got a pimple on your wedding day or if you accidentally forget to strike something from a photo. It’s a magical tool that can help create, capture, and cultivate an audience and now it’s something that can make or break your brand. While models have continued to call out magazines for overly Photoshopping their campaigns and creating unrealistic images, magazines like Darling agree to never Photoshop their models, and now a giant retailer has taken it one step further – CVS is adding a Beauty Mark logo to their images online and in retail locations to signify that images are unaltered.

As a woman who has grown up flipping through pages of magazines, scrolling through Instagram and watching billboard after billboard display faces with no wrinkles, legs with no cellulite and bodies with the perfect amount of curves – I am excited to know that unprecedented beauty standards are making their way to the cutting room floor, leaving room for more realistic, humbling and attainable looks.

As they announced on Instagram, “The CVS Beauty Mark supports a more positive self-image in women and girls by promoting more realistic beauty imagery. #RealisBeautiful#CVSBeauty.” This logo will become a symbol of empowerment for many. Unrealistic expectations of beauty are becoming a thing of the past and at a time when natural beauty trends and skin care routines have become most popular; this change is a welcomed movement.

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