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Although everyone craves a hair change every once in awhile (or more), the risks associated with dyeing your hair sometimes just aren’t worth it. Glossing treatments are a damage-free way to color your hair, restore shine, add dimension and revive lifeless curls and waves. Read on to find out why glosses are quickly become a top salon service.

Restores color and shine.

Think of a glossing treatment as the hair equivalent of a tinted top coat for your nails. It’s an easy way to add shine, whether you want to boost your natural color or try out a darker shade. A gloss is also a great way to reduce the appearance of brassiness or discoloration.

No commitment.

There’s nothing worse than going to the hair salon for a color change and coming out hating the shade you ended up with. Not only did you get a color you’re not crazy about, you’re stuck with the results for a long time. Because a gloss lasts about 6-8 weeks, women can experiment with their hair color without an ounce of salon remorse.

More manageability.

As crazy as it may sound, a gloss may be just what you need to tame your hair. Hair glosses are formulated with many ultra-hydrating ingredients, which can smooth texture and reduce frizz. Plus, hair will feel soft, silky and healthier after a single glossing service.

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Creative Director: Mia Liguori, Scruples Co-President Creative & International Business

Session Styling: Katie Nielsen, Artistic Lead – Scruples Design Team

Haircut: Katie Nielsen, Artistic Lead – Scruples Design Team

Haircolor: April Godwin, Scruples Artist
Jeffrey James, Katie Mrotek, Katie Locke and Josie Schuster, Scruples Artists

Makeup: Kumi

Photography: Jake Thompson