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You have decided to go “au natural” but are not sure how to manage your hair’s multiple personalities. Having multiple curl patterns is more “normal” that you think. There are several contributing factors to your curl pattern like hair texture, lifestyle (do you pull the top back all the time) and just general genetics.

Just because your hair doesn’t curl evenly doesn’t mean you can’t wear your hair naturally! There are ways to either help uniform the curl a bit more, or just work with the multiple curl patterns and let them look beautiful in all their natural glory!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…. are your curls healthy? Or dry and damaged? Damaged hair, split ends, over processing from hair color and other weather related damage can have an effect on your overall curl pattern. A trim and deep conditioning with NOURISHING MOISTURE MASQUE can only help your curls.

Do you have a blend of tighter and looser curls? So do we!!!! You may need to consider the different areas of curls patterns as different sections. One may need a “Curl Activating” product, while the other could just stand a a dap of WHIPPED DETAILING CREAM for hold, or even a smoothing lotion like TAMING CURL CREAM for curly hair to match the texture. A one size fits all approach may not work for you and your hair.

If you are not able to embrace having more than one crazy curl pattern, there are ways to help uniform them. Try twisting wet hair in small chunks and air drying or diffusing. Do not disturb the curls while drying. You can go a step further and gently pin them up (ala pin curls) and let dry that way. Or, grab a skinny curling iron and give the looser curls a bit of a boost to match their tighter counterparts. Just be sure to add a Thermal Protection product to your regimen like BLOW DRY LOTION so your locks stay healthy and bouncy!

Either way, your curls are all as unique and beautiful as you are….one more thing that sets you apart from the rest!