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Everyone’s familiar with amika’s Perk Up Dry Shampoo, and now it’s time to meet its new best friend—Silken Up Dry Conditioner! What does this dry conditioner do exactly? Similarly to dry shampoo, the spray works to instantly refresh your hair. However, while you typically apply dry shampoo to the roots, dry conditioner should be used on the lengths of the hair. To extend your style and keep it looking healthy and clean, opt for the power-packed team of dry shampoo and dry conditioner. You can be sure that this duo will give you the perfect second-day slay.


Why you need it:

1. Dry conditioner will help hair stay extra hydrated, especially during the winter months

2. It helps revive and refresh your mid-ends, so hair doesn’t look matted and dull

3. Protects your strands from environmental aggressors (no need to worry about second-day frizz!)

4. It gives you an instant lived-in look.

5. Tames fly-aways. Don't you hate it when you wake up and you’re late for work? Let dry conditioner take care of the chaos. 


How to use it:

First, apply Perk Up Dry Shampoo on your roots to absorb excess oils and add a boost of volume, then mist Silken Up Dry Conditioner on the lengths of your hair to de-frizz and restore softness and shine. This product power couple packs a whole lot of TLC, making your hair look and feel freshly washed.


To further maintain your style, make sure to wear the new amika (for)tress Shower Cap on your hair in the shower. Our #protip is to spray Silken Up Dry Conditioner directly into the cap to keep any frizz at bay.


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