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Drybar’s latest endeavor is ditching the blowout and concentrating on the body. They made a name for themselves in the industry by creating easy-to-book, affordable blowouts, and now they’re pivoting to a new realm of relaxation.

In the age of instant-book, we’ve come to expect a new standard when it comes to our lifestyles. Cars show up in an instant with Uber, you can Postmate nearly anything you want and now according to Refinery 29, Drybar is changing the game of massage with Squeeze – an app that will be rolling out in early 2019.  

Similar to other convenient apps, customers are able to customize their entire experience before showing up to receive their treatment. Simply book, pay, tip, review and add special notes about treatment all in the app.  Once you show up to your appointment, another element of technology (an in-room Ipad) will help you pick your vibe – change the temperature, lighting, and music all with a tap of the finger!

With rates ranging from $39-$129, in true Drybar fashion, they will also offer membership options. With its first location rolling out in Studio City, CA we’re sure others won’t be far behind.

If it is anything like the packaged perfection you get from your experience at Drybar, we’re sure we’ll see the Squeeze craze take off as well!