Freshen up your styling skills in 2015 with ELEVEN Australia Hair School.  The six How-To videos cover your most asked-for hairstyles.

  • Textured Wavy Hair
  • Straight Sleek Hair
  • Naturally Curly Hair
  • Glamorous Hair with Volume
  • Textured, Messy Short Hair
  • How to use Dry Shampoo

Together with C-KOL (our friends from Colour Burst), the series was filmed entirely on Go-Pros. Each use a 360° view for those tricky, back-of-the-head steps. To make things even easier, each step is explained by ELEVEN Australia Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo. Simple!


“As a hairdresser, I always get asked by clients everyday styling tips and tricks. No matter your style, we’ve got you covered.” – Joey Scandizzo.


For a fresh look this year, click to watch.