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In a departure from her usual short hairstyles she’s been known for, Elsa Hosk, Swedish model and Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year, added length to her look this year. Arriving on the 77th Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet in the look of the summer: a chic, blown-out lob!To creat the look, hairstylist Danielle Priano — stylist to celebs including Sabrina Carpenter, Madelyn Cline, and Jessica Biel — utilised the new The Coveted Tape hair extensions by Covet & Mane® to create an instant transformation. Giving you an inside peek into the look, take a peek at the step-by-step to Elsa Hosk’s 2024 Cannes Red Carpet Look below!

Tape-In Extensions Are Perfect for Red Carpet Transformations

Why Tape In Extensions?

The Coveted Tape tape-in extensions from Covet & Mane® were perfect for this red-carpet look because they offer not only fully-customizable placement for a natural-looking density, but their damage-free installation takes less than 30 minutes and removal takes less than 10!  

Elsa Hosk’s Cannes Film Festival Hairstyle: Get the Look 

Wearing a gorgeous strapless black and white monochromatic gown, Elsa Hosk's beauty look featured effortlessly bouncy waves and a bold red lip as she walked down the Red Carpet at the Le Comte De Monte Cristo premiere. In addition to the flare from her long train, Hosk also wore extra length in her hair thanks to  The Coveted Tape hair extensions by Covet & Mane. The look was crafted by Celebrity Hairstylist Danielle Priano and is making the case for clients everywhere to be able to enjoy short hairstyles and have length when they want it!

The Steps

  1. To prep the hair, I applied volumizer at the roots while blow drying and smoothed the ends of the hair. 
  2. Next, I sectioned the hair for The Coveted Tape application, beginning with the nape and working upwards. I left a half inch in between sections. 
  3. Then, I cut four of The Coveted Tape weft from Covet & Mane into eight pieces, measured according to the size of each section to ensure a perfect fit.
  4. Once properly measured, I applied The Coveted Tape (in shade Bondi Blonde) pieces into each section for density and volume, finishing with two small pieces near the hair part for blending.  
  5. After a quick and easy application, I trimmed the ends to create a chic lob length for this look. 
  6. I then curled all of the ends of the hair, section by section, with a large barrel iron to create a bouncy blowout. 
  7. To finish the look, I brushed and smoothed the hair into my desired shape and sprayed with a strong hold hair spray to set.