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The British Hairdressing Awards is always an exciting time for us. We love seeing all the INCREDIBLE collections from some of the best artists the UK has to offer. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the BHA's, presented by HJi and sponsored by Schwarzkopf, and we are thrilled to be able to get to know some of this years amazing finalists. Errol Douglas is an artist whose work needs no introduction, and has earned him a nomination for British Hairdresser of the Year. We had the opportunity to ask Errol a few questions about how he stays inspired...

What is different about your BHA nominated collection from past collections?
It’s vital to me that my collections evolve each year and stand alone with a core statement that invites a new discussion creatively. They share a common finish and precision in the work that ensures the hair dominates around the overall look and theme, but each makes a different statement. With “HEAD ON 2014” I wanted to show the paradox of Punk, by interpreting it in the work through a more couture and artistic angle. I wanted to really bring through the era’s contradiction too. It’s so often associated too simplistically as one statement, one bolt of aggression. By juxtaposing the established “Head On” punk attitude with a softness and femininity, it shows a deeper story to the era – boundary pushing didn’t mean that style and art were eclipsed.

When was the moment it hit you that hairstyling was your career path?
The first time I stepped into a salon. I was 11. It chooses you, I love the craft, the industry, its people and the clients I’ve built over a 30 year career.

What is the one product you grab the most often? Why?
Hairspray all creations need some form of hold at some point in the styling.

Who and what do you draw inspiration from on the day to day?
There’s inspiration everywhere from the walk to and from the salon to the overheard conversations on my travels home and abroad. The incredible buzz of London’s streets juxtaposed with the serenity and beauty to be found in the city’s parks are great sources of creative inspiration for me. My salon team and family are my core daily inspirations.

Describe your craft in 3 words...
Obsessive, Precise, Boundary-pushing.

What is a milestone you are looking forward to accomplishing in your career?
My own wet range.


Be sure to "Stalk" Errol Douglas on Bangstyle to see more of his amazing collections and wish him luck in the upcoming BHA's.