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The greatest teachers are those who never stop learning. Sam Villa has illustrated time and time again his love for the industry, his passion for teaching and his affinity for his students. He truly wants every hairdresser to be the best version of themselves and learn tools to help them (and their business) grow. If you’ve ever been to one of Villa’s classes or spent a moment with him, this NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award Winning Educator makes you feel as if anything is possible.  

He truly believes that as hairdressers, we must never cease to learn and as educators, we must never cease to learn either. Most importantly, we must always pay it forward by sharing our discoveries.  On Thursday 10/25 at 6pm EST, Sam Villa will be paying it forward, he will be sharing his experience from Europa 2018 on the Sam Villa Facebook Page.  

Villa began sharing in the 80s with a class series called Europa.  He would travel overseas to discover what the European hairdressing community had to offer, and after each trip, he would host a class focused on what he had gathered.  And this year, Europa returns! Villa is visiting Salon International in London, England in October…not as a teacher or exhibitor, but as a student. Then, on October 25th at 6 pm EST, he will share his Europa findings as a FREE class via Facebook LIVE to pass on his experience in London. Be sure to stay tuned and turn on your notifications on Facebook and Instagram to be sure you don't miss anything!

For even more hair care and styling tricks, be sure to stalk Sam Villa Professional on Bangstyle and check out all of his tools in the Bangstyle Store!