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The first time I got extensions, it was after a bad haircut. I had just moved to a new city and my new stylist got a little scissor happy and took a few too many inches off. At first, I was ultimately a bit bummed, until one of the assistants told me to simply get extensions. I ended up making a date with her to go pick out my new hair and then an appointment to get them applied.

At this time (about 5 years ago) I chose to try tape-in extensions. They were a great, quick and easy way to instantly add length, but also became easily annoying. From the tape getting sticky and slipping to the extra weight day in and day out. Next, decided to try clip-ins instead. An obvious choice that gave me the ability to easily click in and out length at my will. While these were great for a while, they also pulled at inopportune times and became quite uncomfortable. Of course, I didn’t stop there. Eventually, I graduated to fusion and absolutely loved them at first. They were great for about a week until my curl pattern decided to try and pull them apart. Because of my tight curls near the nape of my head, they began pulling the bonds in different directions, so I ended up taking them out early and never looking back…until now.

It’s been a while since a seriously cool hair extension innovation hit the market and Ziploxx is exactly that. Requiring no sewing, taping, gluing, clipping or fusing – Ziploxx has a unique locking system that cuts down on damage to your hair while offering the perfect semi-permanent extension system.

How It Works:

A lightweight plastic hybrid mechanism includes a weft with 4 interlocking segments with grooved prongs. Application is similar to that of tape-in – simply take a small section of hair and place the extension below then place the hair section down and close the extension. Lock the system together to create a secure hold that will stay in place during showering, swimming, styling and sleeping! *For best results, placement should be adjusted every 2 weeks.

With 100% Human Remy Hair are hand-woven with a lace front. Extensions are created from hair collected with the cuticle intact – hand-knotted and sewn. Perfectly manufactured to create lift, volume, and a natural feel at the root! Not only are the extensions manufactured for optimum comfort, but they are also designed to last – which means they are an investment that your clients can enjoy over and over!

Where To Find Them:

Pick up Ziploxx for you or for a client with a quick click! Shop now!