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We can smell the cinnamon and pumpkin spice now! As fuzzy socks, scented candles, and cozy cardigans begin to emerge, so do gorgeous fall colors all around us. Each year, the turning of leaves signals an array of hair color shades just waiting to inspire your next appointment. If you’re still unsure what to do with your shade this season, take a peek at these dreamy colors that are sure to make it onto your wishlist. 

Hints of Color

Nothing is more exciting than adding a pop of color to your style. It is an easy way to add flair, be unique and try something new. Sticking to the low-maintenance theme, many are straying from drastic transformations and opting for subtle hints of fashion tones instead. Consider placement and vibrancy when picking a new hue this season. Subtle washes of color and peek-a-boo placements are great ways to add interest without a complete style overhaul. 


Beige Blondes

Last year many blonde clients embrace platinum tones for a fresh change and drastic transition. This year, blondes are opting for more muted colors that are easier for upkeep. This season we’ll see a great deal of beige, champagne and buttery blondes. For a soft adjustment, ask your stylist for baby-lights and be sure to book regular follow-up appointments for glosses. Keune Semi Color is a great demi-permanent line that can easily be used to update or refresh tones between highlight appointments. 


Soft Copper

The increase in reds and oranges this season are easily inspired by fall foliage and the iconic maple leaf. Everywhere you look, the light feels a little warmer and beckons clients to reiterate this feeling with their style. With a return to copper this season, the shade will be used as an undertone or to create a softer transition of color that is sure to catch anyone's eye. 


Cinnamon Brunette

Soft browns have been everywhere the past few seasons for their minimal maintenance and ability to enhance natural tones. An array of brunettes will still be prevalent this season with deeper chocolate tones and a fresh take on cinnamon for a warm finish. This is ideally created an anyone who has lingering lightness from summer and wishes to darken their tone for fall and winter. Consider a Keune Semi Shade to embrace a deeper level without the commitment of a permanent shade. 

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