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Whether to the side and sleek, up top and messy, or in counts of 1,2, and even 3, knots have moved around quite a bit this season, but find themselves on the runway either way. Perhaps some of our favorite looks came from Fashion Week SS17. With updated ballerina knots seen up and down the runway with added embellishments in the form of braids. Try on this style for yourself with the following steps!


Prep wet hair with polish #mixitsoft and perform a directional blowout toward the top of the head where you will form the knot.


Section out the back section, where the braids will be and apply spray glue #dirtyfinish,to create grit and hold to your braids. After creating 3 to 4 corn rows at the back of the head, secure with an elastic to hold each braid in place.


Spritz spray glue #dirtyfinish on the rest of the hair and use a comb to pull it straight back into a top knot.  Combining the front portion with the ends of the braids, twist them around and secure with pins to create a sophisticated knot and finish with hair spray #superfirm all over to tame any flyaways.


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This style is sure to steal the show! Be sure to sound of below on your favorite fashion week look and stay tuned for even more runway tutorials from INDIE HAIR!