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The one question everyone is probably Googling right about now is, “What should I get Dad for Father’s Day?” While your mom is usually an easier person to shop for, you’re left wondering, what do you get the guy who has everything and who has done everything for you? The answer: something Man Made.

He already has enough tchotchkes and if you get him one more baseball hat or something to do with Scotch, you mom is going to ban you from coming over. Get your pops a product that he (and your mom) will ultimately enjoy. From styling aids to a 3-in-1 wash, there’s something for every Dad. Take a peek below and order the products right to your dad’s door!

Paste: For dad’s who are rocking longer locks or are up for blow drying their hair. With a range of hold, place on wet hair and blow dry for a smooth style or leave in wet hair for a piecey-chic style.

Pomade: Pomade is a perfect pick for the classic dad. He loves a hard part and slicking his hair back (and often carries a comb in his pocket). He probably spends his time working on cars or riding his hog and appreciates a great product holding his style in shape.

Clay: For the dad looking to show off his texture, this clay includes volcanic ash to rid strands of oil and keep your look controlled. Easy to apply and pliable, this is great for any hair type and style to add hold. 

Premium Hairspray: This brew is the perfect tool for finishing, styling, and refreshing his style. Never flakey and smelling sweetly of sweet tobacco, there’s finally a hairspray that he can take pride in owning. 

Spirits: Sweet tobacco aroma…need we say more? This intoxicating scent will leave everyone in the room lusting. Just spray and go!

Man Made Wash: Start your styles off right with this shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. This all in one will is efficient, pH balanced and fortified with ingredients to add moisture for both hair and skin, plus it will leave you with a delicious finish of Sweet Tobacco.

Be sure to have plenty of your favorite 18.21 Man Made stylers on hand for a seamless style all summer long! Check out our product picks below and be sure to pick up 18.21 Man Made goodies in the Bangtyle Store!

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18.21 Man Made CLAY

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18.21 Man Made PASTE

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18.21 Man Made POMADE

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18.21 Man Made WASH

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18.21 Man Made SPIRITS